Global Awareness

Gideon International support ministries abroad. We are committed to spreading the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. We support those who are committed to sharing the Love of Jesus threw the Teaching, Preaching, and Singing of the Gospel. Music is a way of Worship that is so from the heart. Yahweh Gospel Singers are Bishop Eric Sirengo and Teacher Concepta Sirengo plus there children. Bishop Sirengo is the Overseer of the ministries that are coming in from Africa joining Gideon International which is An House Of Prayer  international ministry. Bishop Eric Sirengo ministry is Fire Of End Time Trumpet Ministries. He & his wife has a servant heart. They love to serve God’s People. They teach the Word and they express in their life style. We are working on sending Bibles to their ministry to be distribute to the local churches and support the Ministers in their cities. Bishop loves to be a blessing to those who are in Ministry. It is a Great Blessing to be able to support those who are Preaching the Gospel Of Jesus! Even greater blessing to be able to help those who need necessities of life. We hope to open a Bible Institute soon.

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