Apostle Sharon Streeter


Apostle Sharon Streeter loves the Lord. She is the Commissioned Founder, Author of ” A Grandparent’s Love, Speaker, Business Woman & Philanthropist. Apostle life has been consummed in the Word of God since she was 4 years old cleaning her family church in North Carolina. By the age of 10 she was teaching Sunday School at her church in New Jersey. By the age 15 she had done everything in the church except preach in the pulpit. Apostle like so many of us did not have easy life the call kept her, from not giving up when she failed. God had sent her forth at the age of 20 years old. He began to teach her even more in a in-depth way the five fold ministry. She always tells us. You do not become whom God has called you to be overnight it takes time. She understand and recognized how important it is to stay in the word of God. She understand how important it is to respect the young people in the Body of Christ. She sees them for them for who they are so she pursues to encourage them to become all they can be in Christ. She teaches, preaches, and love to worship threw song. She walks in the prophetic. Apostle desires to please God. She desires to bless God, to be like Christ, and to have the Holy Spirit say ” You listened more than you think.” She believes that we are Kingdom People. We all in the Body of Christ have work to do. Her treasures are being stored in heaven. She always make the statement #JESUSISCOMING!

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